Thursday, July 22, 2010

>Clinical Skills Learning: Procedure

today's CSL was fun~!!^^
about procedures drawing blood, chest x ray and listening to various heart and lung sound~

First we do our auscultation. At first agak pening utk mbezakn btween normal and abnormal heart sound~ there were a SLIGHT difference.
and the wheezing sound of the lung is quit scary actually~~ @_@ haha

~i need to hear it much more to be familiar with it~ ^^

Then we moved to chest X-ray interpretion~

this is a normal chest Xray~ taken from prof google~^^
*this is a posterior anterior view
*no blunt end of lungs~ suggestive pleural effusion
*heart is in normal size

~that is what i can remembered~ =]
there is much more actually~

Last one is venepuncture~ this is the most interestiing~ i got 3 prick and it is painfull~ =_=" adehh~

~at first, i do on my left arm~ 2 times~
i got nervous and the blood wont come out~
~kesian syaza, percubaan keatas kte x bjaye~:(

then switch to the right hand, akk nurse tu yg buat~ yg ni berjaye~ yey~!! ^^

~ kte buat kat syaza, n the first try is a success~ ^^

we go back at 5.30 pm and sampai plazarah pkul 6.30 pm~
sgt penat~ +_+
well, got to finish up my lecture notes~! Aja-aja leeza~!!!!^^

~tomorrow i got 2 first session PBL for "I'm Under Pressure" and "My Achy Leaky Heart"
wish me luck~! :))

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