Monday, July 19, 2010

>sorry for not being able to control my tears~

sorry for not being able to hold my tears this morning~

it was a spontaneous action the moment they told me that~

i'd tried to not to cry but i cant... sorry~~~ :((

i am soooo stupid enough to cried over a silly thing~

mybe look silly to others, but i have a reason~
i'm toooo AFRAID that i cant tolerate and being nice

i am so excited about it..... just when i know it was an opposite thing that i got...i just cant hold it...
sorry~ i shuld just accept it rite...~ but to be sure, i wont be comfortable with it.

sorry bcoz i do experienced it before and i dont want it to be happened again~
*pisang x kn berbuah 2 kali kn??*

~SORRY~ SORRY~ SORRY~~~~~~~~~~~

to burdened you guys bout it~ :((
*seriously deep inside my heart, i have a regrets over it *

i'm such a crybaby huh??~ ishhhhhhh :(

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