Friday, July 9, 2010

>gudluck fo EME n MS + Welcome back my frens ^^

my headphone rosak~!!!! uwaaaaaa :'(
isk3~ sedey2...sgt sedey!

the left one x bleh dengar dah...itulah dengar lg x henti2~ pdn muke~! uhuuuuuu~
ehh, i'm suppose to worried bout my future eardrum kn? tp nmpaknye hayat earphone tu yg x lme..
aiii..nk wat cmne...bli bru lah~ haha~ :))
**Ila, Syera~ lets out pas kem ppd kayhhh~!!! :DD

ok, monday starts my End Module1 Exam~ Blood & Lymph~ oso with Mini Test MS~
buat kwn2 2nd yer~ gudluck kayhhh~!!!! ol de besh :))

i decided to not to open my lappy this sat n sun....
well, i cant study if my lappy is on...ngeeee~ x(

owryte, 5 more Blood lectures to go n all lectures MS need to be covered~
well then, GANBATTE NE LEEZA~!! \(^o^)/ aja-aja~!!!

and special for my fren that repeating 1st year~
gudluck with the new sem kayhh~!!! n neva giv up~! ^^

~my profile pic on fb~ cute kn???~
Okazaki ushio-chan from anime series Clannad After Story
for all otakus~ u must see this~! :D

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