Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ma~ma~ma~ [ok, tataw nk ltk title ape~]

psttt~ pstt~

JPA da msuk~ hehe~ :D

I will be off to Mersing with my sis until the end of this holiday~
uuhh~ have to say bye-bye to webs world~ bye-bye~~ T_T

will be back to KL in 12th~!!!

so, HUKM weyt po mi~ ^^

P/S: extremely excited and severely nervous to start a new sem~
P/S II: dpt smangat dr Prof Har, Abg Oden & kak-same-ushrah [x igt name! lupe~ sorry T_T], yg muncul kat MHI pg td~^^.. u guys rocks la~ :D
ok, jom jd Clinical student dgn pnuh bsemangat~! ^^


SyUhAdA said...

syu dah join..

SyUhAdA said...

aik..slh tulis lak..
aku tag ko leza..