Friday, May 13, 2011

Ended Holidays

I wanna back hooomeeeeeeeee~!!!!! T_T  T_T  T_T

I feel that today was a looooooooong day~ *sigh :(

for the very first time I take bus from Mersing to Kuala Lumpur..
6 hour and a half!! [ok, xde la suprise gle kn.. but it do for me.]
biasenye kalo nek bas from Muar to KL takes about 2 and a half hour..
it's like 3 times longer than usual..
so, I got motion sickness 3 times worst than usual~

tp, Alhamdullilah sampai dgn selamat~ :)

and now, berade di PlazaRah keseorgn~
I've never been alone in this house before, so please bear with me~
[I'm telling this, mcm x pena duk sensorg kn? kt k1 duk sensorg bleh plak! ish3~ ]
sume lampu tbkk~ haha~ sgt membazir~!

I need to packed all my things~
and what I've managed to do since I've got back is packing 2 big bags of clothes~
and now I realized~ byk nye bju, tp xmo pakai~ adeyy~~
sape nk ngangkat nihhh! berat okey! DX
next, got to pack my books. but, to be continued tomorrow~ :D

I was off to mersing to be a baby sitter and sister sitter?haha~ :D
above pic is my only nephew~ :)
and this Achik already miss him~ :(

ok, then... sampai sini saje entry kali ini~

my HOLIDAY is now OFICIALLY END today! 


P/S: all comments and visits will be replied later kayh~!!^^
I need my SLEEP~!!![aaah~] DX


klg said...

sister sitter eh..
nk gambo yg kt hp ko...

Aleza Omar said...

nti org anto~ ^^