Sunday, August 7, 2011

new postings

tomorrow, the new posting will begins for all 3rd year student~
and yes, we have no inter-postings holidays~ T_T 
oh well, what to do~ our batch always got new styles~
let's go on with it~ they know what the best~ ^^

soooo, GUD LUCKK everyone~!!! 
especially those who's in Obstetrics and Gynaecology after this!^^
I've been through it and I know how tough it is~
so, ganbatte!! ^^
[daijobu~ daijobu~ ^^ everyone will survive~ :)]

I already changed to SURGERY posting officially, today~
[finally, I acknowledge myself~ ^^]
It's been my dream to be a neurosurgeon~ 
but we'll see nti cmne ek... bcoz right now I loves OnG^^ 
[fair enuf la kn, since I only gone through OnG~ ^^]

I should get some tips for this surgery posting~
so, ex-surgery student! do teach us kayh! ^^
we'll do the same for urs~ :)

okay guys! 
let's do our best! :)

23 days until RAYA~!!! :D


akuwanblur90 said...

oit.. posa baru 7 hari la.. ish ish.. welcome to surgery..

alun said...

meh senpai nk bg tips..haha
week 1st n 2nd tu cri pt case write up siap2,g tgk scope siap2..sbb nnti dh nk last2 xyah leceh2 nk g scope,wat pening pale jek nnti..hehe
lg satu wat baek ngan doctor mse g clinic lg2 clinic colorectal sng dpt chance nk wat PR..huhu
proctoscope tgk kat klinik colorectal tau (ari selase) yg scope lain sume kat endoscope(tgkt 1)..
pastu kalo suture removal,cri kat bilik rwtn klinik klinik ortho pon bole,kat ortho lg byk suture removal..nurse2 kat situ sume baek2..gudluck and have fun! ^_^

Aleza Omar said...

to wanblur: thanks a lot~!!! ^^

to kak lun:
thanks for the tips kak lun! :D
that was the very nice of u~~ *terharu :')
yeah~ will work hard on surgery~!! ^^

Aleza Omar said...

oh ye.. I shall share mine pulak kn? ^^

for OnG:
always follow ur team activities esp ward round.. time ward round mesti cover bed. kalo x dpt nk cover, mntk kwn coverkn spya lecturer x pissed off. teknik present sgt pntig.. ask ur seniors..:) all the chronology n stuff.
kalau specialist n consultant ward round pulak, make sure everyone have their own case.. lec will always pick whatever case they want.
kalo kt labour room, be proactive. introduce first to the midwife n ho~ mintak je HO nk wat VE, catheter, branula, CTG, enema n mcm2 lg la..kalo x mntk diorg akn buat dono je cm kte x de kt situ :)
kat l/room la byk bnde yg kte bleh buat since mse tu pt x kisa sgt ^^.
utk clinic.. biasenye kalo duk ngn consultant dpt skit je patient, so kalo dberi kbenaran pegi kat registrar.. diorg byk pt n mntk diorg nk palpate n present new case.. mesti ksi nye~ ^^
lupe lak, for ward round tu, byk bnde bleh blaja [I only realized when i'm about to leave the posting~ :(] for every bed, tgok cmne senior n registrar present, case cm post-natal, PP, gestHPT, GDM~ "format" nk present n every soklan yg consultant tnye tu biasenye yg akn kuar short case.. :)
ohye~ cari perut byk2 ye! palpate smpai terer~ ^^
utk CWU, kalo bleh jgn same pt.. risk tuk dpt >50% in turnitin sgt tnggi.. nti kne wat blik.. pnt je~ ^^
okay! tu je~ ^^
it might be stressful, but trust me! it's fun! really! [well, depends la kot^^]

gudluck!! enjoy OnG~! :D

p/s: kalo kne marah wat dono je.. I even myself few times crying for getting scolded~ ^^ haha~ :D