Sunday, August 14, 2011

is it so hard? edited

a little smile pleaaaaaseee?? 



mood: huh? alittlepissedoff

.it's typically an analogy.
not referring to exact situation
[fyi: it's not the smile thing!]
someone not everyone may understand this

uaarrrrrghh~ gomenasaiii!! *bows
I'm writing this without thinking~ :( gomen!
I want to delete this post, but that would be hypocrite~
so, I shall clear myself here~ :)

I couldn't stand attitude of certain people which unrespectful and rude~
doesn't appreciate what the others do~ :(
but the thing is, I shouldn't be angry over things like that~
I can't judge people~
so, gomen ne~ :)
let's clear our heart~
it's 14th Ramadhan already~


Nurul Ain said...

aleza!! dah tgk ouran on9..episode 1 tak best. hunny tak comel langsung. kembar tak hensem. tamaki n haruhi nmpak sgt pelik. kyouya muke mcm kame. mori jek nmpak hebat sikit.
tpi bile tgk episode 2 nmpk cm dah ok sikit ah tpi still hunny die xboleh trime.Hahaha

Aleza Omar said...

cite die sgggt best la ain!^^
lame2 msti da biase nti dgn diorg.. so x de la nmpak pelik sgt~ :)
keep watching! :D
kyouya cm kame? oo~ approve kyoya la nihhh? heheeee~ hensem kn! :D