Monday, October 4, 2010

> 1.2.3 october baby

wish from me for a straight 1.2.3 october baby~!

Khazila binti Khalid
heppy 21st befday kak ila~!!! :)

.stay funny.
.don't bully me lagi wuwuwu.
.always be our spongebob^^.
.never ever give up kayhh!.
.last, hoping that u'll be a great DOCTOR one day, just never give up!.

Roziah Bt Tardan
heppy 20th befday my swetie BFF~!!! :)

.harap kamu bahagia bsamenye, ehehe :P.
.eventhough kte jrg jmpe, i always remember u.
.stay healthy kay, dun forget cekup~!.
.sorry for not b able to contact u always.
.lastly, hoping u'll b a super great TEACHER one day^^.

Siti Nadiah Bt Ibrahim
Heppy 20th befday nad~!!! :)

.jgn slalu blik umah, jeles ni.wawwa.
.stay hardworking, dont be like me.adess.
don't stay up late at night too often!.
.always b my cookie-provider-fren kayh, haha.
.lastly, hoping that u'll b a great DOCTOR one day.always do teach me pliss.^^

owryte baby october~
HAPPY BEFDAY yahhh~!!!
stay healthy!
may Allah bless u guys always!!! ^^

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