Monday, May 3, 2010

Clannad~d story I loved to have

hari ni~~
bgun awal dr biase..heeee~ need to transfer money for my bro~
balik uma tgok ade cite cari menantu~ haaa~ tgok la jap!
yup~ interesting! ade 1 couple ni-they meet bcoz parent yg aturkn~ nmpak bahagia~
hahah~!! pasni nk suh abah carikkn lahh~ haha~ ^^

ok3~ now regarding d title above~
clannad actually an anime story-about love, comedy and sadnest..
yup! seriously sad~

ok~ nk mule cerite ni~
Okazaki Tomoya~ a delinquent bum at school help Furukawa Nagisa- an extremely lack of confident- to build a theater club
well, byk prkare blaku tuk tubuhkn club ni~n beside nagisa, there always tomoya to support her

see, this is d time when theater club x bleh dtubuhkn sbb mereka tiade guru penasihat~ but that settles when their fren-Tomoyo helps.

actually this story pun ade mngisahkn khidupan kwn2 diorg~ sume sedey2~ huuuu(T_T)

x larat nk cite sume~ go n see this story if u want to know ok?~ n bleh gak jmpe sy, sy citekn ea~!! ^^

this story ends with tomoya requested nagisa to bcome his gf, the next morning they woke up~
soooo sweeet~ hahah=]

wahhh~ i want this story to bcome my story~!!!;)
[bcoz nagisa acctually resembles me a lot~hee~]

ok, cite ni ade smbungannye-Clannad After Story~ cite ni lak mngisahkn post-marriage life diorg- ini lbih mnyedihkn~
akn dceritakn dlm post laen ye~

till then~

sekian, Maceyy~!!^^

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